Why this pool ?

To support Cardano blockchain and its decentralization

Cardano is an open-source and decentralized blockchain. There are currently more than 1,000 pools in operation. As soon as Goguen is released, smart-contracts will be supported. These features allow you to create, deploy and maintain dApps and more...

Why this name "PFL PoolForLovelace" ?

The Cardano blockchain unit and ADA. One ADA is worth 1M Lovelace.

These tokens are named ADA/Lovelace in memory of the Countess Ada Lovelace. She is mainly known for having produced the first real computer program, while she working on an ancestor of computer.

More information on this Pool 🙂

This pool is made up of 3 nodes, two relays and a producer.
The nodes have 2 vpcu and 4 GB of ram.
The relays are located in France and Germany.